Neobux Rented Referral Strategy #1

NEOBUX is one of the most trusted and longest running  PTC on the internet today and has been around since 2008 and so this remains to be in the top 2 best and most reliable Paid To Click sites, if you are interested in earning money from Paid To Click sites then this may be one of the top choices and best places to start.

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This is the neobux rental referral strategy for all neobux members with the free membership or any type of upgraded membership, Please read this carefully and follow all step by step details to profit from neobux rented referral system. This Strategy was proven to work very well to increase clicks and earn more every day.


If you are not yet a member of neobux and would like to join please click HERE and signup as a free member, as a free member you can click ads and do offers and mini jobs to earn point and coins which can then be transferred into cash and memberships.

Clicking all the ads every day has its own benefits like earning more cash and gaining points for upgrading and managing rented referrals when you decided to rent referrals. When you first begin as a free member you are required to click a set amount of ads and be a member for fifteen days to upgrade to golden membership.

Within that time you can click ads and complete offers and mini jobs and make some cash to send to your preferred payment processor or to add to your rental balance, to get ahead faster it is recommended that you transfer all your earnings to your rental balance for future use.


If you are new to neobux you can profit from this service in a couple of ways aside from mini jobs and offers. You will want to either get some direct referrals or rent referrals, getting direct signups to neobux isn’t a walk in the park and so you will turn to renting referrals as a way of profiting so here are the don’t‘ when you want to rent referrals but before we get into that.

 You will need to choose a time of day when you want to rent referrals in your settings.This option is for golden members only, not free members, as a free member you can rent referrals at any time of day when your seven-days passes, as you may already know you can only rent referrals every seven days as a free member and golden member but with golden pack add-ons your days between renting referrals become less.



You may see rental queue on your left when you log in and click on your username. Rental queue option is for people who have no patience and will eventually spend way more for renting referrals. Do not ever think about using rental Queue it is 60% more to rent referrals rather than waiting for your seven days to pass to rent more referrals.

Rental Queue will schedule rented referrals to be sent to you after two days within you seven-day waiting period or anytime you feel you may want more rented referrals but why would you spend $16 for 50 rented referrals when you can spend $10. So please avoid rental Queue and just wait the seven days and for the specific time, you selected in settings to rent referrals.

If you are now renting referrals and want to extend those referrals and also recycle those referrals learn some patience and do not over rent referrals. Renting to many referrals can have a negative effect on your earnings if you can’t recycle or extend those rented referrals then you will lose profit on rented referrals you can’t extend or Recycle.

Your account will be negative if you do not extend rented referrals. If you are not familiar with rented referrals then you may like to know that you can’t let your rented referrals expire or else you will begin to lose money from your main balance or rental balance so please keep a close eye on your soon to expire rented referrals.


>>>When you decide to start renting referrals start with a small amount of 50 rented referrals or less to understand how they behave and I will tell you that in a minute so you won’t have to go through the pain of figuring it out on your own.

>>>Don’t be scared to recycle and always expect the best from your rented referrals, I will explain this in a minute from my own experience so you won’t have to deal with the nonsense and you can start earning tonight.

>>>Extending your rented referrals to as many days as possible should be your priority when it is time to extend. But if you can’t afford to extend to maximum days then do the next best thing and extend your rented referrals to as many days as possible within your budget

3 Steps To Profit from Rented Referrals…

Step 1

All rented referrals that have no clicks after 10 days or more, immediately recycle those rented referrals. Do not recycle rented referrals under 10 days with no clicks.

Step 2

After completing step one and recycling all referrals that haven’t click for 10 days or more then you find all rented referrals that made their last click 14 days ago or more,  14 days is the max a rented referral should be allowed to stay after their last click.

Step 3

 No matter if their last click was yesterday or today. a low average is bad and this is telling you what a rented referral behavior is overall. So you’re going to recycle all rented referrals that have under 0.25 average.


It is very important that steps 1,2,3 be done immediately after server reset time every day.

Don’t forget o click on your ORANGE ADS every day, When it comes time to rent referrals depending on your geographical area you may be allowed to only rent between certain days(i.e) Tuesday-Saturday.

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