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Start earning Bitcoins today the easy way without much effort involved. You can join the Bitcoin Revolution. Although there are many ways to earn bitcoins, these are just a few I personally recommend. There are sensible and efficient ways to get your Bitcoins but before you can start earning Bitcoin’s you need a Bitcoin address and wallet.

Here are two most trusted and recommended bitcoin vaults, Xapo  & Blockchain Please create an account with both Bitcoin wallets.


Blockchain is where you get your bitcoin address, you can create multiple bitcoin addresses to send and receive bitcoins. Use your bitcoin address to receive payments in bitcoin to this wallet. Please secure you blockchain with all security settings verifications. Blockchain does have a referral program.

Xapo is a wallet and it charges $0.01 every time you log in to your account. Use your email address associated with xapo to get payments in bitcoins to this wallet. Please secure your Xapo wallet with all necessary security measures. Xapo does not have a referral program.


FAUCETS: Claim bitcoins from faucets that will allow the claiming of free bitcoins in return for visiting the faucet website which will ultimately provide views to advertiser ads and many faucets will allow you to claim free bitcoins multiple times per day to keep you coming back to their website. All bitcoin faucets below have referral programs. LOYALTY BONUS = Making a claim at least once a day from any given faucet.

MOON BITCOINMoon bitcoin will send you free bitcoin every Sunday to your xapo wallet automatic Assuming you registered with your Email address associated with your xapo wallet, but assuming you registered with your bitcoin wallet address then you weekly payouts will go directly to you bitcoin wallet address (blockchain) after you reached 25000 satoshis. Claim free bitcoin every 5 minutes.

Earn 1% loyalty bonus every consecutive day you claim but only requires you to claim at least once a day to receive that bonus. You will also receive random bonuses but it is not a guarantee.

For every active referral, you will receive an additional 1% bonus added to every claim you make up to a max. 100% assuming the referral has been active within the last 72 hours.

Please turn off ad blocker when claiming from moon bitcoin or for that matter any bitcoin faucet to ensure that ads are visible seeing how that is the only way the faucet can provide you with free bitcoins is to display ads from their advertisers.

The longer you wait to claim from moon bitcoin the more Satoshi you can accumulate within a 24 hour time period. Satoshi is a smaller increment of bitcoins. Originated from the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

FREE BITCO.INIs a free bitcoin faucet allowing the claims of free Bitcoin every hour, unlike moon bitcoin your payments will be sent to your blockchain wallet once you have reached the $0.50 minimum.

Referral commission on FREE BTC is 50% – 0.25% of wager on MULTIPLIED BTC – 25% daily interest on EARN BTC

Free bitcoin is like rolling a dice, you won’t know what number you will get.  But to get an idea of what to expect once you solve the captcha and roll. Go to

Free rewards you with lottery tickets and (RP) reward points. But no loyalty bonus.

Lottery tickets are used to enter a lottery with the possibility of winning free bitcoin. But it’s highly unlikely that you will win unless you buy more lottery tickets and yet your chances are still slim. But it never hurts to give it a shot. See pic for lottery details and chances. Reward points are for encashments in return for more bitcoins, you need 100,000 minimum reward points to encash and receive your bitcoins.

BONUS BITCOINA Bitcoin faucet, you can claim free bitcoins every 15 minutes, minimum cash out is ten thousand satoshis, there will a fee of one thousand satoshis unless you wait for your satoshis to hit 50,000 in your bonus bitcoin balance, no fee for 50,000 satoshis cash outs and higher.

5% revenue bonus from bonus bitcoin are paid to members accumulated from claims and referral commission from previous 3 days assuming you made at least one claim each day (loyalty bonus)

Bonus Bitcoin pays 50% referral commission.

Bonuses can change anytime and following bonus bitcoin on social media will keep you updated with all new bonus features added.


BITCOIN AD NETWORKS: You can earn bitcoin from bitcoin ad network as a publisher and affiliate but without a website domain name and web hosting plan you can not be a publisher. Please visited NameCheap if you haven’t already setup your website. The most Reliable Affordable and Trusted brand for all your website needs. An A+ customer service rating.

ANONYMOUS ADS (A ads) is the top bitcoin ad network and affiliate program to earn bitcoin with your website. No minimal traffic requirements, No domain ranking requirement, it’s simple, send traffic to your ad space. Traffic should be in compliance with their rules and you will receive bitcoin payment to your blockchain wallet based on your (CPM) cost per mille( thousand) and (CPC) cost per click

CPC and CPM will vary depending on the advertisers and ad formats.

To be a publisher you must own a domain registered to you. The domain name cannot be free (i.e) nor be a splash page. You can decide to have you bitcoins remain in your A ads account which will grow interested over time according to A ads admin.

Many programs are now using Bitcoin as a way to cash out funds. grow your bitcoin wealth and cash out with bitcoins when given the option…The above list are smart easy way to earn bitcoins 

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