Paidverts Strategy #1 Beginners Road To Success

PAIDVERTS is one of many H.Y.I.P (High Yield Investment Program) sites on the internet today and one of the most stable sources of income and advertising platform in the world of P.T.C (Paid To Click) sites.  This website was founded in 2014 and has a parent site by the name of My Traffic Value( MTV) although I am not a member of MTV I Have read about their past owners and since then the companies were sold to new owners who have a better knowledge of these types of sites and have some understanding on how to keep such sites running for sustainable income opportunities for all members.

After you become a member you might want to get a look at the site to see what opportunities are available to you and your preference like cash offer options. Cash offers will bring you to separate page with third-party services like, adscend media, offer Toro and super rewards each service offers different and similar ways to earn extra.

Click all the BAP ads and paid ads every single day, it will only take about ten minutes >>HINT>> Try to accomplish this simple task while you go about your day in the morning by using the paidverts mobile app. Before you can buy ad packs you need a minimum of $1 in your account. This ad pack will get you 2000 BAP’s and 50 views to your affiliate links or website usual more depending on what you are advertising.

BAP( Bonus Ad Points)

Bonus ads point amount are what determines the value amount of the ads you will receive that day. The more BAPS you have the bigger the paying ads are in cash value, the more BAPS you have the higher up in the groups you will go. Groups range from 1-15 here is a list of groups


A good option to consider when you join is to become a Super Pro Recycler for $0.005 which is well worth it, it is a lifetime upgrade and you will be eligible for recycled ads from other members.

Once you reach your first dollar or invest your first dollar then you will want to purchase an advertisement in the form of a Bulk ad campaign. Under Buy Ads option click  Bulk Ads >>click create campaign >> enter URL ( website ) to be verified  Choose whether to add a banner or just opt out, now think of words to describe your website or affiliate link to enter in the three box , now you can keep the standard 5 second timer with no extra cost or pay extra to have more time( exposure) to your ad, forced ad view ensures user can’t leave the page which is another option you can choose from and this will also cost extra per ad pack or per view,  ok choose your payment option and number of ads to buy check (TOS) then hit purchase…congrats you bought your first ad-pack.

You will be taxed 100 BAP’s every day until you fulfill the requirement of purchasing at least one ad pack within a 14 day time period…meaning you must not let fourteen-days pass by without investing at least one dollar SEE PIC BELOW


As mentioned above paying ads starts at $0.0005 and can reach a value of up to $200 depending on your BAP group and or investments, as you continue to buy ad packs and gain BAPs your paying ads will rise in value. The way this works is really simple. Your highest paying ads will be on Monday morning along with lower paying ads and as the week goes on the highest paying ads will decrease in cash value and be distributed among the other paying ads bit by bit and the lower ads will increase a bit, and also if you buy ad packs the paying ads will increase automatically. Every time you get a paying ad your BAPs will decrease. Please be assured that most paying ads are offered on weekdays only. Saturday and Sunday will offer some paying ads

If by any chance you don’t click on a  paying ad or BAP ad before the timer runs down you will lose that ad and it will be recycled, if by some chance you don’t want to lose your ads you can purchase vacation but that would make sense only if you ads are very high in cash value besides that just try your best to click on all your ads.

Here Are My Personal Stats.

So far I have achieved a good amount of BAPs with little to no investment and have gotten tons of view to my websites and affiliate links and also have gotten many referrals from many websites 🙂



Below is a snippet of my most recent paying ad received from paidverts which took approximately 10 seconds to receive, I am currently at group level five out of fifteen..this is just an example of the ad amount you will receive once you have reached that level and some ads may be lower or higher depending on the day of the week or your investment on that day…

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