Pt. 2/4 Profit w/out a Website, Selling or Referring

Part 2/4 profit w/out a website selling or referring is the second of four last post associated with this website. Having a secure bitcoin wallet is a top priority when storing bitcoins and the wrong bitcoin wallet can be costly causing you to lose money rather than making it.

When I begin to notice bitcoin, I then searched for the best wallets, some leads were misleading causing me to lose money from investing or storing my bitcoins in the wrong companies like and Xapo…These are wallets you should try and avoid by any means necessary to avoid loss of bitcoins.

After experimenting with a few others which I never invested in, I decided they weren’t right for me either, luckily I came across another few that I use to store bitcoins. These are my recommendations for bitcoin wallet but you are free to decide on what works well for yourself.

Recommended Bitcoin Wallets: (free, but not recommended for bitcoin miners to point their payout)

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