Pt. 3/4 Profit w/out a Website, Selling or Referring

Pt. 3/4 profit w/out a website, selling or referring is the third of four last post. Unlike pt. 1/4  which recommend SolidTrustPay as a primary processor and pt. 2/4 which recommend and as primary bitcoin wallets, this post is a bit different.

There is no specific recommendation for alternative coin investment. There are literally thousands of alternative coins to BTC available on the market today and more are being introduced every day.

Among the thousands of alternative coins, fewer will see the light of day reaching a profitable market value in the coming years and most of them won’t. As of today, the top 4 alternatives to bitcoin are Litecoin, Etereum, Zcash, and Dash. But these aren’t recommendations to invest, only facts.

Security is the most important feature when dealing with cryptocurrencies. Finding the preferred wallet to store any cryptocurrencies can take a little time. But after some testing with a few, you should be able to find a good fit.

It’s never a guarantee that you won’t lose money. Small transactions are your best bet for preventing major loss when choosing the right crypto wallet, so worse case scenario you lose what you can afford before you make a larger transaction…

In the early stages of a new cryptocurrency venture (ICO) initial coin offering is used as means to raise funds from the early investors who may purchase in the prelaunch phase using other forms of cryptocurrency as a legal exchange. This is when the currency is at its lowest value and is best if purchased before launch depending on its future success.



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