Traffic Exchanges Review: Unbiased/Solution

THIS IS THE UNBIASED TRAFFIC EXCHANGE REVIEW  TO CLEAR UP ALL THE CLUTTER AND PROVIDE A SIMPLE FIVE STEP SOLUTION… Traffic exchange are scripts designed for exchanging traffic from one member to another, or from one traffic exchange to another depending on the script capabilities. Some traffic exchange can offer you traffic from other traffic exchanges, these T.Es are the traffic exchanges with COOP built into their script>which allows its member to promote a link for views on other T.E  in return or you can promote and in some cases earn cash. Traffic exchange can come in different forms (i.e) Viral Mailers, CO-OPs, Paid to click sites and are considered a form traffic exchange due to the circumstances, not to mention some P.T.C do carry traffic exchange option with their script, but not all P.T.C have the option to exchange traffic.

In this review, I will be covering traffic exchanges pros and cons how to use them effectively what to avoid when using traffic exchanges what you can do to get paid for your time and how much time should be spent on traffic exchanges I will be recommending T.Es that you can use to maximize visits to your affiliate links splash page or websites > As always please be assure that all my advice in this blog post are only recommended by myself and you are in no way obligated to follow as guided, advice or strategies. You may love traffic exchange and can not see away without them or you are tired of T.Es and want to try something different but can’t decide between the two, well continue reading and if you’re torn between loving and not loving T.Es then I’m here to re-assure you that you don’t have to choose, you can still participate in traffic exchange programs and still do other things without the senseless clicking.


Yes, it is very true that the traffic exchange Era is slowly fading and like anything else in the world has too many duplicates. This is the case with traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges at one time was probably rear and had good values but as time passed the way of the traffic exchange became more watered down from countless duplications causing a downfall in value and a spiral downfall in being effective advertising, there are literally thousands of these traffic exchanges, Viral mailers and Banner this and Banner that, Well lets just say that these programs CAN be useful… IF…


Traffic exchange works well if you are offering something unique, ask yourself this >> What am I offering/selling to my audience? << think about this carefully, put yourself in the shoe of a potential buyer and think of yourself as the seller, now would you consider signing up or joining something you already came across hundreds maybe thousands of time before. HECK NO! this is where the value of these sites take a turn for the worse, everyone is offering the same product/service. This is just a concept but what if there were a traffic exchange where no two members are offering the same opportunity.


Are you like the thousands of people online? offering the same old service or product that have no true value to anyone…Well, there is a way to work around that fact and still use traffic exchanges to your benefit without clicking away like a zombie robot all day and use that valuable time to enjoy life to do anything else… I was once that person who just kept clicking and finally realized my life slowly wasting away.

First thing you want to do is rationalize your time with traffic exchanges keep it neutral, don’t love it too much or dislike it either it is what it is and so use it by keeping a number of traffic exchanges you surf at a maximum of two let us face it you aren’t missing anything by keeping only two and you aren’t gaining anything by overloading yourself with any more. Continue below to follow a stress-free strategy to follow for using traffic exchange and maybe after you set up my simple system you can go for a nice walk and enjoy life doing something else.


>>>Before we begin this simple strategy of using traffic exchange you will first need to pull up your affiliate links website links or splash page links you want to promote. Now create an account at TRAFFIC AD BAR  when you complete the registration process, click advertising at the top of the page, enter all the links one at a time in the rectangle box mark “type the URL of your website” click “Add a Website” personalize how you want your website to appear to members and non-members, after you save, click advertising again to refresh then click on the website name > A traffic ad bar link will appear. Now copy that link.

>>>After you complete step one please proceeds to TEHEADQUARTERS  and create a new account assuming you don’t already have one after the registration process please go to Hit Distributor from the menu on the left side. There you will see the option to “Add New Site” in the URL section PASTE your Traffic Ad Bar link and hit edit then click verify to see if your website pass inspection. Using P.T.P( Paid To Promote) links on Traffic Ad Bar and TE headquarters will not work >Please avoid using any P.T.P links with those sites…After you verify your site with TEheadquarters please copy the Distributor URL

>>>Ok good you have made it to step three, Now you can create your account at AUTOTRAFFICMAGNET after the registration process is complete go to LINKS from the menu paste your TEhaedquarters Distributor URL into the Link Generator box where it says “enter a target website address” after you create an AutoTrafficMagnet Generator link > ATM generator link is what you will be promoting to earn credits( views to you your link)  then you will create an AD to go into their system which will  appear on other ATM members pages who promote the ATM generator link > your AD link should also be the TEheadquarters Distributor link to maximize views to your original ad > from Step one on Traffic Ad Bar. Now after your ad has been created copy your ATM generator link you Generated earlier and go to STEP FOUR!

>>>Now comes the easy part from here you will now need to go to EASYHITS4U after you create your account go to my sites and add ATM Generator link from step three > Easyhits4u is very cool aside from surfing and earning rewards(i.e) Banner, Text, And website credits for surfing. Collect weekly symbols and receive bulks of credits, banner and text ad impressions.

>>>Good Job for getting to step five, Okay Here we go! step five, now you may head over to LEADSLEAP and create your account. Now after you create an account and go to my credit ads then you may now add the ATM generator link “enter ad title and ad body to go with your ad” hit submit, the system will ask if your website loaded correctly, If So, please click “I Can See My Ad” then it will check for possible frame break once test is complete please click the blue button that says”test ok. Click here to submit ad” A few things about leads leap you may want to know is that this Traffic exchange is also a social site that allows you to review others site, you can rate site from 1-5 stars and get credited, no time to worry about so you can browse members websites freely, the longer you stay on a members page the more credits you will acquire. DO YOU HAVE A BLOG OR WEBSITE? If so then leads leap widget is for you, display the widget on your blog/website with member ads inside and earn every time a visitor clicks on the ads in the widget. Once your ad has been submitted it has the possibility of going viral via > email > leads leap widget which means more real visits from non-members. Leads leap occasionally sends emails to its members which in return rewards credits for viewing ads in the email. At

Leadslepyou must surf ten member ads (daily) to receive 5% shares and as a Pro member, you must surf ten ads (daily) to receive 10% shares.


Since you will only need to surf just two traffic exchange to get tons of views to your ads with the five steps above, now you have to decide how much time you want to spend surfing, and that is the best part you can put as much or as little time as you want, the option to pause your ads on both easyhits4u and leads leap are available. The more time you put into surfing, the more hits you will generate at Traffic Ad Bar, TEheadquarters, Autotrafficmagnet, Easyhits4u and Leads Leap.

Above is what the top of your page should look like minus the picture of me.

Below is what the bottom of your page should look like if you look closely you can see the Traffic Ad Bar underneath the AutoTraffic Magnet link generator. This is because the Auto Traffic Magnet link generator will appear for 15 seconds and the Traffic Ad Bar will remain in place with a red x to the far right. In between the above Pic and below Pic should be the website you’re sending traffic to. Now if you want to change the website you are sending traffic to please go back to step ONE and TWO. Once you verify the Traffic Ad Bar link on TEheadquarters you don’t need to do anything else because your Distributor URL remains the same. So Please don’t copy your Distributor URL.

Not all Traffic exchanges are the same each traffic exchange has their own unique twist and can offer what you may want depending on your preferences, my choice for traffic exchange is simply based on my specific needs and so you can choose to alternate the steps above to work well for you thanks a lot for reading…


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