Apptrailers/Fronto Review-Income Apportunities

This review of Apptrailers/Fronto will cover the basics from how to earn with both apps and the best methods to earn the most including links to more info about each app and a few Pros And Cons with bonus codes for extra points upon installationPayments snippets will show below for better and detailed descriptions to ensure clarity.

Apptrailers has been my most favorite App ever since I first gave it a try approximately 9 months from today and from then I haven’t seen another App that comes close to being as smooth and as likable, in my own personal opinion Apptrailers outranks all other apps on Playstore and IOS.

Fronto is my next favorite app on Playstore and it is part of this two-part review, Fronto is a lock screen app and you can find more info about this app below. I started using this app approximately around the same time I started to use Apptrailers and together they are my top two favorite apps.


You can have one but you may want to consider more than one mobile devices? with app trailers, you can have up to five devices as of today and with fronto lock screen you can have it on all of your devices


App trailers menu selection changes from time to time. After you open the app you might see a different menu from my description. As of today app trailer has a daily quiz to earn more points. Watch videos and earn even more points. The menu for watching videos changes over time. Play apps and game trivia to earn points, it is all up to you whether you want to play games or watch videos or both.

See payment proof below. Points can be exchanged for Paypal, Gift Cards, Perk Plastikor enter to win prizes

PROS: No cash investments, 1000 points=$1 Paypal cash, Options to cash out via Giftcards, refer your friends & you both earn 250 points

CONS: Mobile data or Wifi needed to operate, Will not make you rich, Needs your attention from time to time. One account per person

The fronto lock screen app awards point when you unlock your phone you will unlock it with the fronto lock screen/advertisements and earn points…slide right to earn 30 points, slide left to earn 20 points. Sliding right will bring you the advertisers screen, the sliding left will bring directly to your home screen. Points are not rewarded every time you unlock your phone.


After installation, you may want to remove all other lock screen features on your mobile device and apply fronto as your main lock screen app. Earn points for third-party services like FYBER and TRIAL PAY and more. but there Is a catch. Fronto warns you of the possibilities of non-payments, so enter with caution as you may not receive your points after completing offers. Earn points from two third-party apps for doing the various task like downloading apps, purchasing, donating, exchanging gift cards etc.

See pic below for most recent payment to Paypal. Exchange your points for Amazon Giftcards Walmart and many more retailers.

PROS: No cash investmentsEasy to installed and use, Does not require attention to earn, refer your friends & you both earn 1,250 points, You can now watch videos and earn points.

CONSMobile data or wifi required to operate, One account per person,

CONCLUSION: Apptrailers/fronto are my favorites in the APP category but aside from the cash they are also reliable and quick to pay without any problems. 

App trailers and Fronto are just a few apps you can earn money. See featured for more.

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