Clixsense Review – Full Coverage

In this Clixsense review(update as of July 17, 2017), clixsense is now mobile friendly, PTC removed, Clixgrid removed. 8-level referral tier removed. I will be covering all the important areas on how to earn and get referrals. Please follow each step precisely to see best results. My earnings and stats are provided below. Haven’t joined Clixsense? please, signup Before we begin you can find more details about Clix sense on the feature page.


Surveys are provided to you from third-party services that are a partner with Clix sense (i.e) Polfish – Opinion World – OpinioNetwork – Cint – SaySoForGood and YourSurveys will pay you cash but depend on how long and what the surveys about determines the cash value so it can range from a few cents to a few dollars.

Tasks are provided to you from CrowdFlower another third-party service who partners with Clix sense and without a facebook account you can not sign up to CrowFlower, tasks are given levels ratings cash value and crowd flower will tell you the number of tasks available and also have more potentials jobs for you to do.

Offers are provided to you by third-party services who have partnered with Clix sense (i.e) – Offer Toro – etc. Clixsense does provide their own offers ( Clix offers) which are a more reliable way to earn from offers, this option pay instantly although it may not be available every day. Coupons are also available as offers if you’re interested.


Complete checklist 1 by completing ten tasks, Completing 2 offers and visiting the forum 1 time

Complete checklist 2 By first completing checklist 1, then add ClixAddon to your computer, Clixaddon is an extension you add to the upper right-hand side of your computer but you need Chrome or Firefox to install this extension.

Members earn of their daily earnings added to their next day balance after completing checklist 1&2, bonus amount varies based on daily activity…members earn between 12% of their daily earnings added to their next day balance after completing checklist 1&2


Your Referrals Activities can earn you commission, referrals commissions are based on some factors like tasks, offers, and surveys cash value.

For every referral’s that reaches $10, you will be reward with $2

Your referrals Offers are everything they do aside from task this includes surveys, signing up to free sites and shopping cash back rewards etc. Members will earn you 20% on each offer they complete. Commissions for a completed task by your referrals are the same as offers, 20% commission for you.


Getting referrals the easy way means spending some extra cash, But does not mean that you are losing money, the money you are spending for getting referrals will ultimately come back to you later as an (ROI) Return On Investment from your referrals activities. So try to think of it as an investment each time you decide to spend on advertising.

I am recommending Neobux and Paidverts for getting referrals to those who are willing to spend some extra cash but for those who can’t afford to spend money on advertising I recommend using social media sites like Facebook to entice newcomers to Clix sense

Getting new referrals to Clixsense can cost you hundreds of dollars and are not guaranteed to stay active or earn you commission from activities.


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