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You know what works well for you and what doesn’t. You understand how certain things can simply not fit into your life or go well with whatever else you may be involved in or just not worth your time and effort.

It has been almost a year of being online and these are my perspective…If you have seen it once then you’ve seen it twice.  I’ve come across a few ups and downs but, that has all made me a little tougher, smarter and have given me an understanding of what I should and should not do.


This is not particularly about scams, although scams aren’t good for anyone, this is mostly about programs that are legit but don’t seem to fit. Meaning maybe isn’t worth the time or just have too many issues. Before you bring something new into your online business, make sure you have a method to implement it into programs that are already working well for you. There will be trial and error along the way and mostly because you want to test the waters yourself without doing any research.

We’ve all been in the position to believe we know everything and for that, we end up paying a price for that ignorant attitude. But sometimes it’s best to experience things ourselves first.

More than a lot of online programs out there are just replicas of something that has already been established and there is nothing really wrong with that except when you find yourself caught up in massive amounts of programs that are literally the same. This is where diversification needs to step in. Experiment with a few sites from different catergories.

Experiment with two or three training course if you aren’t positively sure about what it is your looking for in learning an online business. Just take into consideration that “Fast cash promises are usually big scams”  Best case scenario is that you may learn a few important things from each training course or you just stay with one and become advanced. The worst case scenario is you try them all and do not get what you were expecting. But the good news is “You live and you learn”

Some training courses are free and some are not. The best ones are going to offer a free trial or free membership, and that is simply them giving you a little to get a little in return. Some course will slam you with a steep membership price from the jump. Where is the giving in that? Try to avoid those type of training courses.

When you find an affiliate program etc. that works well with your mix, keep it. Figure out all the best ways to make it work and benefit you. When pursuing affiliate training programs try ones that offer free training for you as an option so at the least you can decide (yes or no) on becoming a paying member. Affiliate training programs usually compensate you for referring new people to their site and pay recurring commission each month

Find affordable hosting providers that are professional and friendly, helpful and are always there when you need them any time of day.

The feeling of security matters, We all crave security either from people or online programs and services. It is always good to know your online business is, not only secured but covered for years at a time and so enabling your true potential from within…

It’s easy to get distracted by what you think will be the next big thing and then end up being disappointed. You can learn the hard way or take into consideration this blog post to avoid all lost your time and money.


Dedicate yourself fully to just the things that works well for you and putting all you’ve got into your online businesses. every day and doing the best you can, to the best of your knowledge and never getting distracted.

I recommend tools for you and yes they will help with your business. But once you have grasped the whole concept of an online business and how it works. You will begin to see your potential grow each day and the idea will be clear as time pass and you stay with what works for you. Give less time to new businesses that are poppin’ up left and right instead just focus on the ones you already know and are trustworthy. Eventually, you will get to experience with new services that you believe may bring value to your business but never rush in or be willing to pay right away.

You are never alone when you start an online business because there are reviews all over the internet on practically everything. Take some time here and there to read or even at the least watch a video. Just because there is a review on something saying that a service or program is legit and pays money doesn’t make it true, this is why you do multiple reviews on one service/program to get different opinions. If you see a bad review on something enough, you will eventually get the point that maybe that isn’t for you. The whole purpose of reviews is to help you, so don’t take them for granted.

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