Knowing Balance and Persistent

Want to know a little secret to future success online? If you guess persistent… you’re partly right but that’s not what I was thinking. Excitement would be my main reason for future success online. Over the past year being persistent has proven to work well for me… But what kept me going was mostly being excited about something new. Not necessarily another money making affiliate site but knowledge.

I have been seeking new and different ways to widen my horizon online either with SEO or some other form of strategy, I’ve been trying it all to the best of my knowledge and keeping a balance between my income online and writing. Today I want to help at least one person see what potential they can unlock with a little reassurance from themselves. Like me, you are probably online trying to create some sort of income part time or full time.

This post is for those who think it won’t happen and for those who are sometimes skeptical, lucky for me I understand balance and how to use those down days as an inspiration to keep going and be better. It’s not easy to do the same thing every day and be happy with little results. Please avoid thinking negative, you are seeing results and that’s why you should continue to push forward.

Once you have reached a limit with your affiliate sites, meaning you can’t add any more to your daily routine. keep going and learn something new to make improvements to already existing affiliate sites online, (i.e) make your own scheduled to do things and make sure to not forget about the programs that are working well for you. Persistent will be one of your key to getting better at what you do online. If your heart really desires the freedom of making money online, you won’t quit.


There will be those days when nothing is going well and nothing exciting is running through your mind like they usually are, so you feel disconnected from the online world and you ask yourself “why am I doing this?” This is normal. Excitements come and goes, what’s important is that it comes. Being overwhelmed with making money online happens to beginners and even the pros sometimes. Step away and take a breather look for something else to do away from your computer but still continue to stay active with your online programs. Trying to learn new things to improve your skills online can be frustrating if the dots don’t connect when you want them to. Things usually work out after you take a step back and do something else, doesn’t necessarily have to be offline just something that doesn’t require thinking too hard, like surfing traffic exchange LOL

It’s easier said than done but giving an equal amount of attention to everything you do online is necessary for future success. Even social media requires your attention and balancing twenty different social media sites and affiliate sites can easily get accomplished every day. This needs to become a part of you. If you are not accepting making money online as a lifestyle then you may want to consider doing that right now. If you are not willing to make it a lifestyle then your heart won’t fully be in it.

I am not suggesting you focus just on your money making online activities and forget everything else, you can also make money offline too, you can have a life away from the computer and go out and be social with the world offline. I am suggesting you treat your business online like you would a real business. If you manage a business online or offline and don’t treat it seriously, you are more likely to fail. This is not to discourage you but inspire you to see what I see and for you to know that success online is possible.


Sometimes we are tested on our persistence and how well we can handle the unexpected. Remaining focus over time and progressing, however, may prove to be beneficial for the future. Understanding persistent means knowing balance as well. Persistent plays an important role in the world of online business, it’s like having a steady flow of traffic vs. nonpersistent and having traffic once in a while. Constant activity from you means being persistent, if you aren’t doing one thing then you should be doing something else, always.

Think of persistent as a way of being relevant to your audience, without relevancy you will vanish from people’s thoughts. Off days are going to occur and for those days, you won’t be at your best but persistent means still getting things done despite the lack of excitement. When you have good days and want to do many tasks you will look back and remember how proud you are to have remained persistent on those bad days. These types of days are going to happen over and over, but staying aware of this will help you get things done more efficiently and staying focus on it all ensuring success at a much faster rate.

Persistent means acting on new and improving ideas that come to you, ideas that improve your online business are the most exciting things that can happen to you. The smallest improvements can change the rate of your success online. Even when you’re away from the computer ideas that will improve your success can come to you, and so you may want to jot them down on paper if you are not able to put those ideas into action right away.

To be persistent means to take the bad with the good and always getting up after a fall never quitting, and continuing until you reach your ultimate goal of success. Taking it one day at a time, looking forward to another day even if today wasn’t great always believing the best will happen and knowing that the only thing that can stop you is yourself and no one else. Once you’ve learned that obstacles are necessary, not only in everyday life but also in the online business. The sooner you understand setbacks, the better you will be at passing them and advancing forward to success online.

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