Amazon Mturk Review: simplified

Amazon Mturk is a marketplace to earn extra cash online as a Worker and get results for your task as a Requester. Amazon Mturk “gives developers and businesses access to an on-demand, scalable workforce. As a fellow Amazon Mturk worker for the last few months, this review will only be targeted for people interested in becoming an Amazon Mturk worker. Before you can work for Amazon Mturk you must first get qualified. Please visit Amazon Mturk to get started with the qualification process. Amazon Mturk does not have an affiliate program available at this time.

OVERVIEW: Video below will show my stats on Amazon Mturk

  • After signup, look out for email to start working. Qualification may take some time. As a first-timer, you must complete your probational period by completing at least one hit ( job) per day to pass.
  • Once probation is over and you have been a worker for at least ten days then you may start the withdrawal process from Amazon Mturk to Amazon Payment Account. And assuming you have already set up your account with a bank account attached, then you may withdraw from Amazon Payment Account to your bank or you may also transfer your earnings to an Amazon gift card for shopping.

Most importantly while you are a worker on Amazon Mturk:

  •  This is a real legit community of requester that depend on Amazon Mturk for results so you must never rush the work, read and understand every Hit you accept.
  • You must accept the Hit before you begin the Hit.
  • Almost every Hit will provide you with a secret code at the end to enter before you submit the Hit.
  • Rejection rate should be lower than Approval rate.
  • Recommend to search for Hits by $ value and click “for which you are qualified”

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