Hi, my name is Leon I’m 31 and I started my search for earning some extra cash online in mid-2016. I attended the KATHERINE GIBBS COLLEGE for Visual Communications (Graphic Design) after graduating Parsippany High School but could not finish due to a financial problem at the time. I have a passion for writing and I’m a big fan of horror movies and nature and recently found a new passion for making some extra cash online. My passion for writing began at a young age and as time passed new things came about and I put aside my writing and focused on my 9-5. Like most others I worked plenty of jobs with more than enough job titles under my name, some were more pleasant than others, but at the end of the day if you don’t love what you do then it’s only a job and not a passion, it was never what I did but how much I enjoyed doing the work and not even have to call it work but something more. 

If you’re not excited to get up and get to work every single day then something is wrong with that because you don’t see it as a passion and your days will get longer and boring doing a job you do not love so to wrap this up I am not saying that with these promoted sites you can make  a lot of money that would be untruthful. I do have another source of income but figuring out more sources of income as been a personal goal of mine, so I’m saying that with time patience and dedication you can earn some extra cash online and with the right mindset you can achieve more. And over time if you stick with it long enough you can create a full-time income. Please don’t think you can start earning a full-time income from participating just on a couple sites and not putting the effort needed. To pursue a full-time income online it will require your effort and motivation to the fullest to achieve that possibility, but it is possible. I am learning each and every day and just know that there is a risk when trying to earn money online…especially when you invest money, many sites can turn scam and some will stay legit that’s the risk you are taking, so please take caution at all times.

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