What are legit GPT sites? Legit GPT sites are powered by advertisers and third-party services that pay members to do various task complete offers etc. and also recruit new members to do the same. 

How much time and money is required to earn? As much time as you want. No monetary investment needed.

When and how will I get paid?  You will receive your payments in the forms of gift cards or cash payment when you reach the minimum cash out requirements.

Can I have more than one accounts? No…but some GPT allow multiple devices. 

How much can I earn? Depends on the website and how many offers are available

What devices do I need to participate? Smartphones, tablets, PC, desktop. Some GPT doesn’t allow smartphones or tablet.

How do I spot a scam? If it sounds too good to be true. It is most likely a scam.


What Are HYIP Sites? High Yield Investment Program. Similar to PTC& GPT sites. You can choose to invest to increase (ROI) return on investment. But you are not required to. 

Are these sites legal? Yes…Most. 

How can I be successful? Depends on your idea of success. Success varies by individuals. Monetary investment can play a role in your success.


What is a T.E? Traffic Exchanges offer member to member website traffic. Some T.E can provide website traffic from non-members. These are co-op traffic exchanges. 

What are the benefits of T.E? Exposure to your site for free, Rewards for surfing websites. Additional prizes for being active. 

Can traffic exchanges increase bounce rate? Yes, traffic exchange will increase your website bounce rate.


What is PTP? Paid To promote are websites that pay you to promote a unique link. 

How much can I earn? Unique and non-unique visits pay differently. Surf ads to increase earnings.

Where to promote and not to promote? Promote your link to manual traffic exchange sites that allow PTP. Don’t promote your link on auto surf exchange and co-op traffic exchange.

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