Niche: A specific area of interest dedicated to providing value and information about that subject/topic to an audience. Finding your niche should be easy just follow your heart and inspirations.


MAKE MONEY: Plenty people are looking for a legit way to make money online, everyone needs money to survive, it is what keeps our world turning figuratively speaking.

Our lifestyles are a reflection of how much money we make and can determine where you go and who you associate yourself with. With money comes a great responsibility, and that is to keep it. Because of course there are the possibilities of losing it once you achieved a way to get it.

Providing legit ways for people to Earn, Save, Multiply their money is a very big deal and doing so constantly is even better. Even on a small scale, this type of valuable information can prove to be one of the best in the world.


CryptoCurrency: Cryptocurrency is a sweet new topic for any internet marketer to get involved in. The demand for cryptocurrency is high and getting involved with cryptocurrency can prove to be very innovative.

Giving audiences the right advice on how to get this type of currency & multiplying it, will really improve their lives as the value of cryptocurrency increses. (i.e) Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc.

Cashback: People, all walks of life, loves spending money whether it’s to purchase online courses of simply just get a present for someone they love. Buying is a way of releasing stress and nothing is more rewarding than spending money and getting casback on your purchase.

Although it may seem like just a small topic this is a big deal there are literally hundreds if not thousands of online stores that have cashback on many purchases and finding those store from research can really help anyone who likes to spend. There are no limits to what’s available.

HEALTHHealth matters and providing health tips, trick, and a healthy lifestyle can prove to be very helpful and carry value. This is more than just a niche it is a whole lifestyle. This whole idea of being healthy is so that you can be happy and live longer to enjoy life and be around for those who you love.

Countless ideas on how to live healthily are all over the internet for everyone to benefit from. You can share your own ideas on bow to be healthy. Health is about being fit, healthy is about what you consume.

Health is also a  form of positivity and overall has an influence on others. Being healthy means living day to day and keeping up on what makes life better and overall making others love their life from being around you. Health is how you look, feel, and present yourself.


Foods: Some forms of nutrients can make us feel alive and awake and others can make us feel sluggish and tired. The right foods can make your day but unheathy foods can ruin it. Keeping a good consistant diet can improve the value of life altogether, eating foods cover in saturated fats and grease can decrease energy.

Most healthy individuals have great recipes for healthy dishes that others would love, sharing these healthy meal ideas can be helpful to many people who are discorage to start the healthy lifestyle. Incourage others with your own recipes and ideas or do research on healthy foods and share because sharing is caring.

Fitness & Excercise: Workout much? well how about showing others what you can do what. This topic is good trainers and stay fit motivated individuals, who keep their bodies in shaped all year round.

This can be a chance to really engage with your audience up close and personal by making youtube videos and with exercise routines you do to stay fit. If presented in the right way people will engage to learn about your methods and will want to follow your advice. Aside from fitness and exercise, how you treat your body from the inside is also important. Maybe you diet will encourage others to stay fit inside and out.

E-COMMERCE: Become a retailer for yourself or for an online affiliate store. Selling isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You must have a targeted audience to be successful in selling services/product. Selling honestly and legit services/product can also be frustrating if you aren’t making any sales. This will require research and reviews on what you choose to sell. Usually, these are things people want and can’t help but try (i.e) tools to improve their existing business. Avoid selling services that aren’t valuable to you or your customers


CLICKBANK/JVZOO: Become an affiliate for two of the most trusted online e-commerce affiliate partners that are sure to bring value to your online store. Sell anything you can think of in many categories to your liking. Clickbank and JVZOO are very big companies in the niche and have made plenty of people money just for selling their affiliate services/product along with referring new affiliates and customers. These affiliate sites charge a set amount plus a  percentage(%) of each sale you accomplish.

Clickbank bring creators and affiliates together without the paperwork and technical stuff to deal with. Choosing what to promote will all be on what you find interesting in terms of the number of upsells, refund %, rebill %, and whether or not there are prebuilt sales paged to promote although you may find something you like and build your own funnel.

Funnels are the pages from (splash page or capture page) all the way up to where the person purchases your service/product… hence the word (UPSELL) meaning there will be more enticing offers ahead.

JVZOO and clickbank are similar and the same rules apply to JVZOO.

Create Your OwnBecome a creator of interesting and relevant services/product that the market demands now and in the coming future. Do you have it in you to be that person? Can you afford to invest in yourself and trust your instinct? Okay so you have what it takes to create something that marketers and vendor can benefit from but not only that but something that has benefitted you.

Once you have figured out the sources to create either an ebook, course, app etc. The main sources to everything are always going to be you. Now that you have the idea, it’s time to to get going with the foundation of your creations. Do research (google) on how to find (i.e) ebook creators, app creators,…Some may be better than others. Here is a list of top ten app maker softwareYou may choose to find your own if necessary. Here is a list of top ten Ebook software maker.

Selling your own services/product thru vendors could be a good first start until you graduate to be a more advanced seller. Vendors, as you may already know charge a fee to be the middle man between you, customers and affiliates.

PRODUCTS/SERVICES REVIEW: Review cell phones, laptop computers, and much more related electronics. Do you have the knack for electronics and know a bit about digital technology? would you be comfortable writing detailed pros and cons, advantage and disadvantage of products/services you have tried? Give this niche a try and see where it takes you. Reviewing products doesn’t necessarily mean the product has to be a phone or something physical, it could be anything of interest to you and what others might find interesting. The purpose is to guide people to buy the right products or services. Review up and coming online services and already establish businesses, there are no limits to what you can review.


Digital Online Training Courses: So you’ve decided to review online training courses and is an affiliate of one yourself, or maybe not yet. Either way, this is a good way to really test the waters and see what fits your needs as far as online affiliate training. At first, this will be very overwhelming and maybe a little bit frustrating. Some online training courses have more to offer than others. if you aren’t really interested in online training then just go ahead and review basic information. And provide this information in the most basic format to benefit anyone who reads it.

Providing information about great products is not just an overnight ordeal. Learning means doing good research.


“Namecheap provides me with the number absolute quality services. Domain name, hosting, SSL certificate, And so much more. You will never regret ever choosing to do you online business with Namecheap”.

Other Online Services: Other online services aside from digital online training courses and physcal products like cell phones, laptop etc. are the basic affiliate sites like clixsense, neobux etc. Don’t ever think that you are limited to how many different topics you can cover there are more than enough affiliate services out there for you to dabble in. It’s quite alright to not participate in any of the following services you review… But experience alway beats inexperienced so if you going to talk about something get involved.

TRADE: This is probably a fascinating niche to get involved with. Trading Forex is not all that it’s cut out to be. Even pro traders can make mistakes, only the top of the line trading experts make few mistakes. Luck can happen, but, it’s rear and it’s not enough to rely on, trade is international and to really dig deeper into this type of niche you may want to really want to do some homework.


Traditional Trading : As a beginner in this trade industry many online trading platforms understand that not many people understand trade and for this specific reasoning they will introduce a demo account to newbies and with this introduction you can learn basic forex trading ins and outs and not risk losing any money. After you get the feel for some simulated action then you would go to a more live action funded account, like mini or managed, where you can either test the waters for a little excitement and get your heart racing a little with some timeline trading techniques.

Managed accounts are for more advanced forex traders who have funds that can speak for them and can risk losing money without being down and out. This type of account are managed by paid experts who can take the hassle out out whole trading process, elimating many factors that would usual cause time consuming evaluations and methods, and so you only deal with the simple stop and go signals to profits but this is not without cost.

Social Trading: Social trading is the best concept for a younger generation of traders but use by all ages. This takes even more risk from the world of trading on a whole other level. Social trading platforms has open up a whole world of trading and making trading primarily fun and engaging. Even though the risk are lower, this still can be risky. Copy successful traders who know what they are doing and have others copy you for profit but gut feelings alone might not cut it, you are still at risk to lose everything. The big  dogs can lose a little bit from a trade and to you that may be more that what you are willing to lose so invest what you can afford to lose.

Forex: Consider trading forex to earn from profits when currencies increases and then sold back. Limit the amount of trades with currencies to see better results. Trading is not a make money niches it is another form of gambling. Make money niche guarantees money in your pocket from your activities, trading of any kind is not a guarantee win-win.


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