Online Ad Networks

Ad Networks are your advertising partners you choose to affiliate your website with. In return, you are paid for delivering traffic to their advertisers. Depending on the quality of traffic will determine how much you make.

Depending on the (CPA) Cost Per Action – (CPC) Cost Per Click – (CPM) Cost Per Mille Will determine how much each ad will compensate you. Ad networks are the middle man between you and advertisers and will need to charge a fee or cut of the advertisers’ bid on your ad space and how much you receive varies from each ad networks to the bid amounts placed on your ad spaces so there are no set amount.

You may notice that some ad networks mentioned on this page are listed as my affiliations but some are not that is because not all ad networks will be right for you so that is why there are choices. Finding the right ad network will all be on you and your preference. But without any further delay here are ad networks that are in the CPA-CPC & CPM categories…

AD NETWORKS IN THE (CPA) cost per action – (CPC) cost per click – (CPM) Cost per mille (mille=1000) CATEGORY

CPAADMITAD is strictly a CPA based ad network and only pay its affiliates when services/product are purchased or downloaded. CPA is literally the most difficult way to make money from any ad network. This type of campaign requires strictly targeted audiences to even begin to earn any type of commissions.

But there is good news, not all CPA campaigns from Admitad is required a money transaction. Some services require only a download and nothing else to earn a commission. Each program has different CPA campaigns requirements.

Admitad payment methods are Paypal, Bank, Webmoney, Epayments. Payment threshold and fee amounts vary depending on local currency. Once payment threshold is met, payments are to be made out in full not partial…Earnings are all based on your audience’s and what admitad program you decide to join for the sake of your audience’s interest. Minimum cashout varies depending on currency.

More good news, Admitad is for everyone with a website with or without tons of traffic. Before you become an affiliate first create a website with NAMECHEAP, affordable domain name, web hosting, SSL certificate.

CPMCHITIKA will pay its affiliates and publishers for traffic to their advertiser’s ads and only keep 20% of all revenues earned from ad spaces. Quality and flow of traffic will determine whether advertiser place bids on your ad spaces.

Chitika has an Optimization checklist you will want to have completed for better earnings (i.e) Do I Have Enough Traffic To Make Significant Earnings? and Are Advertisers Bidding On My Site? etc. Advertisers are more likely to bid on ad spaces from a paid hosting domain provider.

Chitika payouts are made thru Payoneer after reaching a minimum threshold of $50 in your Chitika account. CPM campaigns can go from $0 – $2…

Knowing how much you can earn from your website will be determined by the following…The Quality of your content…The scale of your site…The country…Ad formats and Viewability is all important parts of your earning potential. These components are from the advertiser’s point of view and their bids are what ultimately makes you money.

PPCLEADSLEAP WIDGET Aside from CPC-CPA-CPM campaigns associated with all the ad networks on this page. Here’s a unique program (leadsleap 2.0) that offers the Leadsleap widget to the member as a way to display other member ads, earn credits that turn into cash for each click made on the widget and also it is a good way to get referrals.

You get rewarded in credit for every ad clicked on your widget from third party visitors which is then converted to cash in the weekly revenue share( 15% for free members and 30% for pro members) clicking on your own ads will only be counted in the daily revenue share (5% for free members and 10% for pro members).

Daily revenue shares are divided among members who visit ten or more ads every day. Visit less than ten ads on any day and you will not earn on that day but your credits will be used for advertising. Weekly/Daily revenue can both be accumulated from third party clicks on your widget

daily and weekly stats will be emailed with all your details regarding daily and weekly shares other details regarding your overall weekly activities. Earn credits for clicking on ads in daily email. Minimum cashout is $10.


Please remember ad networks are for both advertisers and publisher…

CPMA-ADS is strictly bitcoin-based CPM ad networks that allow traffic from traffic exchanges and all others traffic except auto surf traffic exchanges. No splash page allow as a URL. Not all hits to ad space will earn you bitcoin depending on the bids for your ad space will determine the percentage of hits to your ad space that is considered valid hits. This factor is based on a number of advertisers bidding on ad spaces including yours.

Become an affiliate of A-ADS. Advertise with them and set up your own affiliate program, you can also become an A-ADS advertiser affiliate and earn on (CPA) cost per action campaigns from revenue earn from that advertiser this may vary depending on ad unit and the cost for the campaign from the advertiser( advertiser choose how to reward you).

Become a publisher and place ad unit on your sites and depending on CPM will determine the amount of bitcoin your accumulate. As mentioned above not all views will earn you bitcoin. Some ads are from A-ADS affiliates within their affiliate program and are CPA, not CPM.

Display rate can change at any time. Daily estimated income will appear when you click ad unit to see info on that ad space. You will receive 50% of fees collected from campaigns of ads created by your referrals as rewards for goals. Minimum cashout is 0.001 BTC.

CPCADHITZ has “site specific ads” space for advertisers to choose from. Ads that are set to site-specific ads will only show on that specific site and not on the network of ads. Keep 70% of all revenue earn from that ad space and set your own rates.

Network ads are from advertisers who can choose to advertise on the whole network and pay a CPC rate of $06-$0.18 per valid clicks. Network ads will stand in as replacements when they are available and are considered (fillers) once “site specific ads” campaign budget are out on that specific site. They can add possible income when you have no advertisers bidding on your ad space.

Valid clicks are vary depending on the country and bid amount placed on that ad format. See ad sizes below and image, text available for each. Adhitz ads can be modified to work with your site, by removing HTTP: from ad code. Place ad code on pages only where you can add HTML. Minimum cashout is $25.



CPM-CPC-CPAGOOGLE ADSENSE combines it all with (CPC) cost per click/conversion, (CPM) cost per mille/thousand, and (CPA) cost per action/acquisition into one great solution for advertisers and publishers of all kind. Although Google Adsense is very strict compared to all other ad networks.

Once you’re banned, it’s for life, but not necessary if you have future plans to publish another website you can prove your worthiness a second time. Google uses Algorithm for evaluating behavior among CPC ads which then determine the best possible solution for CPA bidding for advertisers.

Although many circumstances are factored in as to how the Google Algorithm will work for you as an advertiser regarding your CPC & CPA campaigns, some knowledge will determine your overall campaign success rate.

CPC campaigns are determined automatic on where they will appear by Google for the best (CTR) click thru rate on the publisher’s website. Some CPC campaigns will pay more or less depending on the advertiser and what they are advertising.

CPM active views are only required each ad to appear for 1 second on screen but only 50% of all ads viewable will be fine and may still count as your CPM. Minimum cashout is $100.