Business Resources

Valuable Resources are what brings quality to a business for growth once you have established a foundation.

Below is the following list of Valuable resources, you don’t want to run a business without! Starting with the most valuable.

YOURSELF: Believe it or believe it, the most valuable resource is you! YUP…Okay before you start a business you need to know the person behind that business and you may think that you are selling a product or service but you’re really selling yourself to your audience. It all begins on the inside, deep down inside you is a person that you need to let out and before you set that person free you must feed that person with knowledge…

With every piece of knowledge you acquire you are one step closer to bringing that like-minded business person inside of you to the surface and by reading this you have already started. Acknowledging and understanding who you are is key to success, everyone has potential to be great, but are you willing to find out?

Let’s start by thinking about what sets you apart from everyone else? How do you harness that one thing to amplified it and continue harnessing? have you ever seen or heard something and think your way could make it better? Or maybe you are doing something right now and have no idea that is your passion because you do it every day and when it doesn’t look or feel right you fix it and fix it some more. Do you dislike when something you do isn’t right and then try your best to make it as perfect as you can to the best of your knowledge… Well, it’s time for you to start letting the world know what that is.

Providing quality to your audience and customers should be your number one priority when running a business. When providing a product/ service for purchase or for free of charge it must be the best quality to the best of your knowledge ( if you don’t know any better, there will always be room to learn) your product/service whether it’s physical or digital should have some quality and also be helpful to anyone who acquires it. To assure your customers that you always have their best interest in mind you will need to keep constant updates of what you are learning and share that information ( You wouldn’t  want your customers to buy faulty products…WOULD YOU? Of course not!

So you wouldn’t give them information that wasn’t helpful to the best of your knowledge ( sometimes we make mistakes, but that’s where the fixing part comes in…always look for more efficient ways to satisfied the people you are providing your services/products/content.

Learn from your failures and grow from them…have you ever fail or made a mistake? maybe something didn’t go as planned, don’t stress it, in fact, embrace it like it was meant to happen because like it or not it was, failure is a part of success like death is a part of life, without failure you can’t learn, sometimes you need to know what doesn’t work to know what does. Let downs mistakes and failure are all a part of the ingredients to succeed, so next time you lose some money from a bad investment or fail at a new approach to succeed, don’t think of it as a bad thing just accept it and be glad that you’ve learned something new from it.

SOCIAL MEDIA: With the world coming together on social media, it’s obvious, that is the place you want to be. Although it’s proven that social media can skyrocket your business to the next level it is also not easy to entice such like-minded people to your offer and then get them to like whatever it is you may be offering. Billions of people each month use social media, if you are not using some sort of social networking site for business or pleasure then you may want to rethink that option. Although it is purely optional some options are quite beneficiary when used correctly (we are not all pros but we can be if we take that first step) you are most likely using social media sites like Facebook to stay connected to your friends and family. But Facebook can be used for much more, like expanding your audience and showcasing your business.

Loving what you do is just the beginning, showcasing it the world is the next step to becoming relevant in your field of business. Assuming you read the above content you now know the value in social media sites and most importantly yourself being the center of your business success. Posting on social media won’t bring you success, it’s much more difficult than just posting a few ads and watching the money roll in, creating the right Facebook ads can  require some expertise, finding the right audience is even harder, placing those ads at the right time and place, with the right message, plays a part in the success of the ad.

And that is exactly what it would be, ads success, having people checking you out is one thing…to succeed from those ads you will need an offer that people want and can’t pass up, that is where you come in. getting people to your products/services/ is merely the beginning but continue doing so means your on the right track. Sharing blog/post isn’t going to guarantee a successful Facebook ad. A great ad is a well thought out campaign to get your audience’s attention. Before we go any further here are some top social sites you may want to consider for your business. Google+ Twitter

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TARGETED AUDIENCE: Targeted audiences are prospects that may peek a high interest in your service/products and are higher potential clients in the future assuming you are offering similar if not something better of the same niche of services/product. Your targeted audience won’t be one hundred percent guaranteed buyers, but the percentage are higher facing a targeted audience VS untargeted audience. Not quite sure what may be a targeted audience? Okay (i.e) Let us say you are an antique seller and are selling various antique books from different authors…Okay, do you think your books would sell well targeted at a poor country where people can’t even afford to buy food?  Of course not! You would probably now do a simple research for..(ie) countries/cities/town with actively seeking antique book collectors…( This is just a small example and your search may be a bit more complex, defined keywords are needed with each detail of your service when searching for targeted audiences).

Now you would either find a paid/free traffic service that provides targeted traffic and set up an attractive campaign with a list/preview of your products/service you have to offer before you ask for a name or email…Give that targeted audience something before you ask for anything in return. If your digital or physical offer is worthwhile then it won’t be long before you start to see results. Getting targeted traffic requires keyword research, strategic capabilities, and in most case small-large investments.


The reason for that statement above mainly comes from Splash/Capture Pages I come across all over the internet and because of it I decided to write this…to be fair I once promoted splash/capture pages on traffic exchanges and Facebook to try and get an email opt-in to add to my list. Now the thought of promoting any opt-in page without offering something first is out of the question. Don’t be confused you need to have a list but how you go about getting that list is very important.

(i.e) Okay let us say that you came across a capture page offering “A five-day free money making course” so you enter you email/name and start receiving random emails from someone claiming you can do this and do that to make money, and if you opt-in to someone’s capture page once you will do it, again and again, somewhere else. Now you have multiple random people sending you emails until you start to see the same old tactics of people trying to sell you something or wanting you to signup to their MLM offer without really providing quality information, ( not all opt-in pages will produce these results, this is from personal experience) instead wouldn’t you want to know ahead or preview a sample of what they had to offer? and then give you the option to opt-in for future emails. The point is nobody wants to join a list blindfolded to be annoyed later.


Have you ever see people offering samples in a supermarket? and really don’t understand why besides the fact that people are hungry and like free food…That is true… But also it’s a marketing tactic to get you to buy either a brand ( store or cooperate) or a new flavor of something that already exists. Think about this, if you’re in a supermarket and want to try something new…what’s the chance you will buy something if you don’t even come across it. But if someone offers it to you free, then it’s a possibility that you may buy. And so that company offered you a free sample and in return, now you just may buy what they are selling.

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TRAFFIC: Although traffic and targeted audiences are like the same, with the exception that targeted audience are prospects with high conversion rates (conversions are the numbers of sales that are generated from a targeted audience or traffic source) and traffic are visits from targeted and non-targeted audience to you site to rank you in global/Google search results.

PAID TRAFFIC: Paying for traffic in some cases has its quality and can be valuable to you depending on the source. When people are being paid or rewarded to see your offer then that quality of paid traffic isn’t quite reliable and conversions won’t be at a high percent. But when people are given a choice to look into what your offering then high conversions are more likely…check out SEO CHECKOUT and check out many traffic sellers from all over the world. Each and every seller is graded by levels and overall rating score for their services. You can see who has negative reviews and thumbs down/SEO CHECKOUT brings seekers and sellers together in one place.

FREE TRAFFIC: Free traffic is available from traffic exchange sites that come in the form of text/banner/website etc. Traffic exchange sites are okay for some things just not all things. The best way to use free traffic is to entice viewers with something interesting they will take the time to look into. Traffic exchange sites are another way to get some views to your offers and get your name out there.

In many cases be careful with who you may affiliate your products/services with on traffic exchange, depending on your current affiliations you may have now. You may be affiliated with a service/product right now that won’t  agree with your future affiliations. And in the middle of it, will be you. So think twice about bringing two services together that don’t agree or you may lose one or the other. You are entitled by your own free will to decide who you want to affiliate with, here are my free traffic exchange affiliates…

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