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Cost Effective Tools Needed To Get Your Online Business Started…

When building a business online you are required to have tools, and not just any tools but the right tools. So here I am going to introduce the top of the line tools that are cost effective free and are sure to please anyone looking to get a business up and running online. Below are the tools that are used to build this website. Your domain name and website name can be different so don’t over stress the domain name find something that fits you.

DOMAIN NAME: Domain names are your website address-URL where others will find you and associate you with that name. Get a domain at NAMECHEAP Get a great deal at name cheap from this website with no upsells where shared hosting cost is lower than the cost of a domain name. Generic Top Level Domains ends with .com .org .net .gov but you also have much more like .biz. .int. .in and so on. Domain names are priced differently depending on the Extension (i.e) .com .org extensions are usually priced higher as they are GTLD ( Generic Top Level Domains) domain names may also affect the cost depending on the popularity of that name.

When a domain name is not available you may place a bid on that domain with a price no less than $199 unless your heart is set on an unavailable name please try to avoid that and choose a name that is available, I am here to make sure the cost for you and your business is kept at a set minimum and so I am suggesting finding names that are available.

Namecheap.comWEB-HOSTING: Web hosting can come in different form such as shared hosting – Reseller Hosting – VPS Hosting – Dedicated Server hosting or Private email hosting but today we are covering shared hosting as this is the best and most cost-effective hosting recommended for small business owners and businesses that just getting started but as your business progress you may switch to a much-needed server option at any time.

So if you want to expand your business in the future and you need more bandwidth and disk space with more up time then you can switch to a more efficient server hosting options. Get a web hosting account at NAMECHEAP  Shared web hosting is very cheap but it is very effective when you need to cut the cost of expenses, this type of hosting can cost less than the cost of a domain name for a 1 year time period… without the hassle of a monthly cost, you can focus on the important part of running and grow you business. Shared hosting is phenomenal for all business owners, shared hosting is supported by CPANEL>>Cpanel login details are provided upon purchase of a shared hosting account.

WORDPRESS: WordPress is a website building platform known for its advancement in the world of website building and continues to grow and outperform any other website building platforms, WordPress is affiliated with many online services that deals with shared hosting, domain names and so on…When dealing with Cpanel it’s no second guessing that you will want to create your website with WordPress…Cpanel will provide this for you within one of their third party services( apps) ( i.e) Softaculous>>softaculous provides apps to you in one place rather than finding them separately and wasting time installing. use Softaculous to install PHP JAVA PERL etc. finds apps like WordPress and Joomla to build your site


SSL CERTIFICATE: SSL Certificate is, in my opinion, one of the most important tools needed to grow a business online aside from domain name and web hosting unlike domain name and web hosting SSL certificate is optional which means it is by choice and you may not absolutely need this at first but it will help with growing your business, later on, this option will not only ensure your information safety but the safety of your customers and visitors to you online business…

Lucky for you this option to purchase SSL certificate can also be found at NAMECHEAP  name cheap will provide you with the necessary steps in order to install SSL certificate, when you are ready and if your not quite sure where to begin then contact name cheap live chat any time of day or night, their customer service outperform any other services online in this field or any other.  One very important notice about SSL certificate is that some web hosting services may not accept this type of security, so it is deeply recommended that if you have a domain name please register or transfer it with NameCheap so when you decide to use SSL certificate on your website the progress will go as smooth as possible.

BUILD YOUR LIST: How many times have you heard “the money is in the list” well probably never, if you haven’t made money online before then that’s probably you. But if you have made your first buck online and have been around a few corners looking to make your next buck then you definitely heard the phrase >the money is in the list< what that means simply is that your list of subscribers are potential prospects(clients) and or future buyers of your service or product…

Whatever it is that you are selling or offering will need and audience aside from you visitors. These are your email subscribers> people who enter their email on your site and receive follow up email from you in the future. double opt-ins are when subscriber confirm this agreement to receive future emails from you ensuring they are real email addresses and not a throwaway email address. That is why your work should reflect who you are when you start a business on or offline for that matter. Give people something they can use and benefit from…

Wanna build an email list? then check out MAILCHIMP. Mail chimp is great to have simply because it works well and it is completely free, nice part is that you can collect up to 2000 subscribers before you have to invest in an upgrade and that’s not all but you can create beautiful templates to send to your prospects and much more, Wanna boost your prospect(subscribers) potential then check out HELLOBAR and as a added bonus you can integrate your hello bar with you MailChimp.

KEYWORD TOOL:  Do you want to know how to get the best competitive keywords? Do you need the best keywords for your pages and rank on the top pages in Google and other top search engines? then you might want to use the best keyword tool with a free trial offer and referral program. JAAXY is the best keyword competitive keyword tool for you. With Jaaxy you can see the average number of searches the keyword receives per month.

See the number of visits you can potentially receive to your website per month if you achieve first page rankings in the search engine. Get an exact number of websites ranked in Google for that keyword and which website is competing for that exact keyword. Keyword Quality Indicator available, see what keywords are bad to use and the ones that are good. If you want to really get the most from this tool then you will need to eventually upgrade if not now then later, it is a sure thing especially, if you want a keyword score base on traffic and competition and domains that are related to your keyword search.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZER: Want to correctly prepare your site for search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo, use correct meta description, enable keywords for your web pages, create your personalize SEO titles and slugs for your pages then YOAST SEO is the best WordPress plugin for you Yoast SEO has great user reviews and show real time update as you type your chose your SEO titles slugs meta description and more. To get Yoast SEO installed on all your WordPress pages please go to >Plugins >Add new in the search bar type in Yoast SEO and install then activate. Now Yoast SEO should be at the bottom of every page you create from that point on and also on previously created pages.

SPELL CHECKER: Have you ever wish you could just write a paragraph or sentence without the worry of manually spell checking every word or using a spell checker without the capability to get all your writing spelled checked instantly well it’s time to upgrade to getting GRAMMARLY  FREE of charge, invite friends and receive a premium account. Premium enables advance fixes to your work. Without Grammarly, it is almost impossible to get sentences paragraphs or abbreviations right all the time. Grammarly takes the hassle out of writing and does all the hard work for you so all you have yo do is sit back relax and concentrate on your writing. Never miss spell a word or leave incorrect spacing unnecessary abbreviations or punctuations again with Grammarly.

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