WordPress Plugins 4U

WordPress plugins 4U are my recommended list of plugins to help anyone start a successful blog and keeping your Website optimized…The list of WP Plugins will include the best choice of plugins to keep your site safe, worldwide and mobile friendly as well as up to speed on all devices.

IMPORTANT : Do you Use Cpanel to operate your word press site? If So…Then, please consider optimizing your site for desktop and mobile > Login to your Cpanel admin > Browse downwards to “software” > Click optimize website > then select > compress all content < Hit update settings and you are done. Not all Cpanel users will have that option to optimize their word press website.


But before we began to, let me first say that the list of WP Plugins below is recommendations and because not all plugins are compatible with all WP themes. In some rare cases, your theme may not accept one or more plugins and may cause problems to your site and so you may experience a change in your themes behavior…(i.e. image uploads may not work) In that case, then you should deactivate one plugin at a time until your site regains normal behavior.

WordPress provides more than one plugins of the same type…worse case scenario if one plugin does not work for your site, find another one that will perform just as well.

JETPACK by WordPress.com:  I can not say enough about jetpack without a dought it is my overall favorite plugin and by far has been very helpful in running this blog. Jetpack plugin provides you with access to other plugins that you may like instead of installing individual plugins it displays recommended plugins for you. (i.e) google translate, google analytic, etc.

Jetpack was created by Automattic, updates are very frequent, it requires WordPress version 4.6 and is compatible up to 4.7.4 With over 1+ million active installations it is very well known and has an average user rating of 4-star based on 1000+users. JetPack displays result from your site stats, security, performance, and connection from one screen. J.P uses information from other plugins you have installed to get the given specific results.

AKISMET: Surely you want to protect your content but also protect your comments from spam If you aren’t aware of spam. Spam are unwanted messages from irrelevant sources and non-secure recipients. It’s another way of saying pure nonsense. Eliminate spam and unwanted login attempts to your blog with Akismet, sleep well and let this plugin do all the hard work for your while you focus on being the best at what you do.

Akismet was created by Automattic, updates are regular and require Wordpress version 3.7 or higher but compatible up to 4.7.4 with over 1+ million active installations and an average rating of 5 stars based on 750+ ratings, it is the real deal and well appreciated by the WordPress community.

YOAST SEO can add quality to any website SEO is very important to webmaster and Yoast stands out among other SEO plugins because of its simplicity and the services it provided to non-premium members although premium opens up more possibilities and unlocks the full potential of yoast, free is good for starters. I recently mentioned yoast in my Tools For Starters page but this just as a reminder try yoast and you will not be disappointment with all that it can do for you and your website.

Yoast SEO was created by Team Yoast and is frequently updated, yoast requires WordPress 4.6 and higher to operate correctly but is compatible up to 4.7.4 with over 1+ million active installations and an average user rating of 5 stars based on 11, 700+ ratings, it is well known for its support and for that, we support yoast on the WordPress community.

Check out Tools For Starters page for more info on Yoast SEO

SIMPLE REVISION DELETE will automatically purge(delete) all previous content that are of no use to you, and keep most current content on that specific page, in doing so this will free up more disk space and increase loading time for every page that you purge once activated this plugin will be visible on all pages next to revisions now instead of manually deleting revisioned content you may now do it all at once by simply purging. Once content is Purged then you may want to update (draft or published content) to be sure you don’t lose your work. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Yoast SEO can act up when you have revision content just laying around and sometimes Yoast will not show up on some pages so by using simple revision delete to purge that page and then updating published content or saving draft, it should now work fine.

Simple revision delete was created by Brice CAPOBIANCO, SRD updates aren’t frequent but are regular and it does require WordPress version 3.5 and higher but is compatible up to 4.6.5 and higher with 5,000+ active installations, although not so popular, it is highly recommended by users who gives this plugin a average 5 star rating based on 22 ratings

AUTOPTIMIZE is very innovative as it should considering that it removes a lot of unwanted space on all pages within your site and renders it to the bare minimum amount of letters and characters needed to operate a web page correctly. Autoptimize will allow Inline “above the fold CSS” while loading the main autoptimized CSS only after page load, all pages load quicker while optimizing all page contents. Using Autoptimize in conjunction with Critical Path CSS Generator by Jonas  Ohlsson isn’t simple so below is a Youtube video to explain the process…

Autoptimize was created by Frank Goossens, updates aren’t frequent but is required WordPress version 4.0 or higher and compatible up to 4.7.4 with over 300,000 active installations it is widely known for its great contributions to WordPress and is rated at an average of 4.5 stars based on 474+ ratings

GOOGLE FONTS Makes creating a blog fun and easy to customize so your website can reflect you. easily customize your headings and paragraphs to your preference any way you like because there are so many options to choose from. Although it can easily cause you to go overboard with personalizing your fonts it is best to try and just make minor changes and be original, too much customizing can cause a distraction away from your content.

Google Fonts was created by Titanium Themes, Updates are regular and require WordPress 4.7 and higher but is compatible up to 4.7.4 with 300,000+ active installs and an average 5.0 rating based on 184 ratings makes this plugin well-known and has a good reputation among the WordPress community.

Conclusion: These WordPress plugins have helped me manage & operate my WordPress blog and without any issues and so I am hoping they will do the same for you.